Triggers in marketing campaigns

The article outlines various triggers in the Sendios system along with guidance on configuring time intervals and passing necessary information for specific triggers through API endpoints.

ClickedClick on a clickable element (link, logo, etc.) in the email (within a day) *
OpenedOpening of the email by the user (within a day) *
RegisteredUser registration
2Opt-inEmail address confirmation
Last seenUser visit to the product/platform
PaidUser payment
BirthdayUser's birthday
VIPAttainment of VIP status by the user
Expires atExpiry of payment / subscription
Received (only for app push)Receipt of app push notification (within a day)

The trigger campaign is automatically sent only once within a day upon the activation of the initial trigger (such as clicking on a clickable element or opening an email, etc.), provided that other conditions for sending a trigger campaign are met.

For example, if a campaign is triggered by the "Opened" event, the sending will take place only once during the day when the user opens the email for the first time. If the user opens the email multiple times within a 24-hour period, no additional sendings will occur. However, if the user opens the email 24 hours after the initial opening, the campaign will re-trigger and send the email to the user one more time.


Additionally, you can set the time interval between the trigger activation and the start of sendings.

For the "Birthday" and "Expires at" triggers, you can configure filtering by dates (for example, send to all users whose birthday is in December) or by a time interval (for example, send an email to everyone whose subscription expires within the next three days).

Additional information to be passed for specific triggers