How to configure Tracking domain?


Tracking domain is a domain to track the email opens and link clicks inside them. You can find more information on how the tracking process works here.

  1. To create your tracking domain, go to Project Settings → Tracking domains page and click on ➕. On the same page, you can then review the list of your tracking domains.
  1. Enter your existing domain in the Tracking domain field and click Create.
  1. Your record has been created. You will be redirected to the page with additional information on the created Tracking domain. Here you can check its status.
  1. Then you need to contact your CSM to get the settings for your CNAME (for security reasons, these settings are generated by us). You will need to add these settings to your domain.

Until we confirm the records given to you by CSM are present in your domain settings, the status of your tracking domain will remain Not verified. After the required records have been added from your side, the status will be changed to Pending. To see the updated status, you need to refresh the page using the Update button.


Please note

Due to certain specifics of domain settings application, the verification of records may take up to 24 hours. If after this time the status of your tracking domain still remains Not verified, check whether you have correctly configured the domain on your end.

If you are sure that all records have been added correctly, but the Verified status has not appeared after a day, we recommend you to contact your CSM.

The record will have the Pending status until the settings are configured on our side (it may take some time). After completion the status of record will automatically be changed to Verified. It means that the domain is ready to use.


Having passed tracking domain verification, do not forget to return to the Project settings page (if you have already created one) and enable tracking.