List of your charts

To see a list of your charts, go to Analytics → Explorer.

On the page that opens, you can:

Let's take a closer look at the chart preview:

  1. Name of the chart. To open the chart for editing/viewing, just click on it. The chart page will open, where you can edit all the fields that were added when creating the chart

  2. Description of the chart. Click on the icon to see information about the chart:


The icon is available only if the Description field was filled in when creating the chart.

  1. Copying the chart. A copy of the chart with the name chart name + copy is created. The chart copy is immediately displayed in your chart list.
  2. Deleting the chart. Be careful, the chart is deleted forever.


Please note that a chart used in dashboard cannot be deleted.

  1. Chart metrics. Clicking on a metric displays the corresponding graph in the chart preview.
  2. Graphic preview.