List of your charts

To see the list of your charts, navigate to the Analytics → Explorer page.

Here, you can:

Let's take a closer look at the chart preview:

  1. Name of the chart – to open a chart for editing or viewing, simply click on its name. You will be directed to a page where you can modify all the fields you added while creating the chart.

  2. Description of the chart – click on this icon to see more information about the chart:


The icon is available only if the Description field was filled in when creating the chart.

  1. Copying the chart – create a copy of your chart with the name "chart name + copy". The copied chart will immediately be displayed in your chart list.
  2. Deleting the chart – be careful with this option, as it deletes your chart forever.


Please note that the charts used in your dashboard cannot be deleted.

  1. Chart metrics – clicking on a specific metric displays the corresponding graph in the chart preview.
  2. Graphic preview – provides a visual representation of the chart, allowing you to quickly assess it before making any further edits or viewing it in detail.