How to create a Project?


Project is your platform, your site, or your application. The project stores all basic information about your product. You can have one or several projects in the system.

To start working with projects, you need to configure Sender domain. Also, if you want to track links and their opening from emails using Sendios, configure Tracking domain.

When the Sender and Tracking domains are configured and verified, we can proceed to creating the Project:

  1. Go to Project Settings → Projects and click ➕.
  1. Fill the name of the project in Project title.
  2. In the Sender domain drop-down list, select the sender domain for this project. All sendings in the project will be made from this domain.


Make sure that your sender domain is verified, otherwise there will be a (unverified) flag next to it. It is possible to create a project with unverified domain, but it cannot be used for sendings.

  1. Click Next and Tracking tab opens. You can disable click tracking and skip this step of your project configuration. But if you want to track the opening of emails and link clicking from the emails, then you need to enable this function. You can change the settings at any time on Project Settings page.
  2. If Click/open tracking function is enabled, then you need to select the desired tracking domain from the drop-down list. You can read how the tracking process works here.


If you have an integration with AppsFlyer/Adjust, or want to create it, then you need to consult about the need for Sendios Tracking with your CSM (Custom Success Manager) in this case.

  1. Click Next and the last step of project creation, namely Default settings, opens.

There are three required fields here:

  • Default sender name - the name of the sender that the recipient sees in the email
  • Default Sender email - the email address from which the email was sent
  • Reply to - the email address where replies to your email will be received. It may or may not coincide with the sender email.

All of them have default values. What does it mean? That for each transactional email and campaign you can set custom values for these fields. If it has not been done, the default ones are used, which you will fill in here in the project settings.
An example of how it will look like in an email:

  1. Click Save and your project is created:

Additional settings can be adjusted by clicking Go to additional settings button or, later on Project Settings page.