How to create a Template?


Template is a template form for your transactional email and email for Campaigns.

  1. Go to Templates page and click on ➕.
  1. In the modal window, choose one of the options for how you prefer to create the template: using the visual builder or using the code editor. Next, let's consider each option in detail.


Please note that if you create the template using the code editor, you can only edit it there. A template created using the visual builder can be opened in both editors.

Creating template using visual builder

You are in the template editor. On the left side of the page you see a set of tools for template creation, and on the right - the result. There are two settings columns: Appearance and Content.

General parameters for the email are stored in Appearance, and for individual blocks of the email in Content section.

Creating template using the code editor

Just like with the visual builder, on the left you see the code editor, and on the right - the result.

You can create a template and adjust the final result using the code editor only (on the left), the right part serves only as a visual representation of the changes that were made.

Upper part of the page:

  1. The name of the template will be displayed here once you give it a name.
  2. You can add layouts to your template. You just need to turn on the switch and choose a layout from among the existing ones, or create a new one.
  3. In the upper right corner of the page there are several tools:
    1. Search - you can search for another template among the existing ones, it will open in a new tab.
    2. If you have enabled translations, then by clicking Translation button, you will see the status of this template translation into other languages.
    3. Preview button is available only after the document has been saved. With the help of this feature, you can see how the email will look like and send a test email.
    4. Settings:
  - You can add/change the name of the template
  - Create and add already existing tags
  - Add Preheader to the template
  - Used in displays in which transactional emails this template is used
  1. When you click on three dots, you can:
    • Save template;
    • Save template as new;
    • Start new template or layout creation;
    • Open a template created using the visual builder in the code editor (only if the code editor is open);
    • Archive template.

Please also note that templates containing dynamic variables are marked as Dynamic. Such templates can only be used in Transactional emails and cannot be used in Campaigns.


You can find more useful information with tips and tricks in the article "Useful tips for creating a template".

How to hide sensitive data when creating a template

If you need to send sensitive data in the email to a user and you want to hide it on the Mail sent page, you can use the following tag when creating the template:

<span class="sendios-sensitive-data">sensitive_data</span>


Do not use any additional styles for such a tag in the template as it may not work in this case.

Also, you can add several such tags in different places in the template if needed.


Please note that data will be hidden only in real sendings to users, this tag does not work in test sendings.