Statistics of your emails or campaigns

On Reports → Split tests page, you can see the main metrics for your system or trigger emails, as well as for your campaigns.

In the filters, you can select the particular project for which you want to see metrics (or choose all projects), as well as specify the desired period.

On the upper panel there are options by which you can sort the result (subjects, templates or their combination). There is also a filter by system/transactional emails or by campaigns.

What kind of metrics is it?

Sends - the number of sent emails.

Opens - the number of open emails.

Clicks - the number of clicks inside the email.

OR (Open Rate) - the ratio of sent emails to open emails.

CTR (Click-Through Rate) - the ratio of clicks in emails to sent emails.

CTOR (Click to Open Rate) - the ratio of clicks in emails to open emails.