Useful tips for creating a template

The points described in this article will help you avoid the most common mistakes and improve email templates.


You can read more about the template creation process in the article How to create a template?

Using the visual builder

1. How to ensure the image on the mobile does not stretch to the full width?

Сlick on the desired image and disable the option Responsive image in the editing panel on the left. By default, this feature is enabled for all images, and at 600px, the image is stretched to the full width.


2. How to improve a button's appearance in Outlook emails?

    1. Go to the Appearance > Button section;
    2. Enable Support for Outlook option;
    3. Finally, duplicate the styles that you specified in the Content section.



3. How to wrap an image into a link and add alternate text?

Choose the required image and fill in the fields Link та Alternate text as shown in the picture below:


4. How to make sure a button containing a lot of text is displayed correctly on a mobile device?

    1. Click on the desired button in the Appearance section in the left-side menu to decrease Internal padding values;

    2. Go to the Mobile formatting section and reduce the text size in the Button text size field, and preferably do not activate the Full-width buttons option so that the button does not stretch to the entire width of the container;

    3. Go to the General settings menu and reduce the margins in Default padding.

Using variables in templates

5. How to correctly use the country variable to set a condition?

You need to use 3-character country code (e.g., 'CAN', 'USA', etc.) when setting conditions in the templates.

It looks like this: {% if == 'USA' %}{% endif %}.