How to know if the emails are converted into payment?

The article highlights the importance of the identifier "Mail_id", which helps to associate payments with corresponding emails for accurate campaign analysis.


Mail_id is the unique identifier of emails received through the Sendios system.

What is it used for?

If the payment was made from an email sent using the Sendios system, this parameter helps our analysts to correctly associate the payment with the respective emails, facilitating precise campaign analysis.

How to add mail_id to emails' links?

To incorporate Mail_id into email links, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager, who will assist in configuring the transmission of Mail_id for all links used in marketing and transactional emails.

What actions are required from your side?

Once the configuration is complete, Mail_id will be automatically added to links as a standard UTM label:

You can store this mail_id in sessions, cookies, or your database as you see fit.

What to do after the successful payment?

Upon successful payment, the mail_id obtained from the link that the user followed to proceed with the payment must be conveyed to the API endpoint Add user payments .