Short links in SMS templates

When adding links to your SMS text, you can use short links for your convenience.

What is a short link?


Short links in SMS templates are special URL addresses replaced with a shorter form for easier use in text messages.

When a user clicks on a short link within an SMS message, they are redirected to the corresponding URL address of a webpage, app, file, or any other target resource. Short links are often used to capture recipients' attention and simplify access to the desired resource.

This is particularly useful in text messages, like SMS, with a limited character count. Short links save space to send valuable information instead of lengthy URL addresses.

How to enable short links in SMS?

To start using short links in SMS templates, you must set up the Tracking Domain. This can be done in the settings of the respective Project.

If the Tracking Domain is not configured, you'll see a corresponding warning when previewing an SMS template. By clicking on Project Settings, you can navigate to the settings of the respective Project and enable the necessary options or choose another Project from the list.

How are short links generated in SMS?

Short links are generated automatically and consist of the Tracking Domain, the letter "s" indicating a short link, and 10 alphanumeric characters (for example,

The system automatically detects long URLs (if the Tracking Domain is set up) and replaces them with a short link unique to each SMS message.

Advantages of using short links in SMS

  1. Space-saving: SMS messages have a limited character count, and long URL addresses can take up a lot of space. Short links allow you to save space and include more text in the message;
  2. Branding and security: short links use your Tracking Domain, which allows you to generate branded links. This promotes your brand and builds trust among your audience. Additionally, this is important for SMS delivery, as a mailer often blocks general (unbranded) short links;
  3. Message aesthetics: long URL addresses disrupt the aesthetics of SMS messages. Using short links helps maintain the clean appearance of the message and adds a more professional touch;
  4. Analytics and tracking: short links allow tracking the number of link clicks, enabling you to evaluate the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns and adjust communication strategies based on the data;
  5. Recipient convenience: typing long links manually is difficult and time-consuming, unlike short links that offer a convenient transition to the target resource.

To sum up, short links in SMS help you use limited message space more efficiently, improve message aesthetics, as well as provide analysis and tracking of sending results.