List of your tracking domains

Viewing your tracking domains

You can access the list of your tracking domains by navigating to the Project Settings → Tracking Domains page. The list provides information about each Domain, including its name and the Verification status.


For more information on the verification statuses, refer to the article How to configure the Tracking Domain?.

Additionally, the list offers convenient features such as filtering options for each field, pagination for easy navigation, and the ability to export the list of tracking domains as a CSV file.

Additional options

By clicking on the three dots next to a Tracking Domain, you can perform the following actions:

  • View details – view detailed information about the Tracking Domain;
  • Delete – delete the Tracking Domain.

Deleting your Tracking Domain

You can delete a Tracking Domain after completing the following steps:

  1. Unlinking the Domain from all projects.
  2. Removing the DNS settings previously configured for this Tracking Domain.

Until you remove the DNS settings for the Tracking Domain, any links included in previously sent emails will continue to work. However, after removing the DNS settings for the Domain, all old links will be broken and will no longer direct recipients to the desired address.


The process for deleting a Sender Domain follows the same principle.