List of your Tracking domains

You can view the list of your tracking domains on Project Settings → Tracking domains page. In the list you can see the domain itself and its Verification status. More information on the statuses can be found here.

The list also includes filtering by each field, pagination, and the possibility to export a list of your tracking domains to a .csv file.

By clicking on three dots next to the domain you can:

  • View details of your tracking domain;
  • Delete it.

It is possible to delete the domain only if you:

  1. unlinked it from all projects;
  2. deleted the previously configured DNS settings for this domain;

As long as you don't delete DNS settings for this domain, the links in previously sent emails will still work. After its deletion, all old links will be broken and will not lead to the desired address. Deleting the sender's domains works the same way.