How does the tracking process work?


  • We add an invisible pixel in the email as a link. When opening an email, the mailer requests this pixel via the link. When requesting this link, we understand that a specific email has been opened.
  • If the email ends up in Spam folder, we cannot find out about the opening of such emails, because the mail provider does not require the images to be uploaded for the emails in Spam folder.


  • We wrap up the original link that the user should follow, adding the necessary parameters for tracking.
  • The original link that will be wrapped up should be a branded link for your domain. For this reason, we ask you to configure the tracking domain.
  • When the user follows the wrapped link in the email, we see this information, register a click and redirect the user to necessary page address.


There are cases when this option may not be suitable for you. This can happen, for example, if you use Deep-links, that will stop working after wrapping. For such cases, there are alternative options how to build a mail metrics tracking system. You can consult your CSM for more details.