How does the tracking process work?

Tracking email opens

  • We embed an invisible pixel as a link within the email. When the email is opened, the mailer requests this pixel via the link, allowing us to track email opens.
  • It's important to note that if the email ends up in the "Spam" folder, we cannot find out about opening such emails because the mail provider does not require image loading for the emails in the "Spam" folder.

Tracking email clicks

  • To track clicks in the emails, we wrap the original link, the user should follow, with the necessary tracking parameters.
  • We recommend configuring a Tracking Domain to create branded links for your Domain, enhancing your brand's visibility.
  • When recipients click on the modified link in the email, we record the click, track the click information, and redirect them to the designated page.


If this method is not suitable for your specific needs, such as when using Deep-links that will stop working after wrapping, alternative solutions for tracking email metrics can be discussed with your Customer Success Manager.