Add and update user data by project ID and email

API endpoint to add or update user data for the user already created in the system. This endpoint can be used to convey user information unique to your product. Use the “Send system / trigger email” endpoint to create a new user.


You need to add or update user data only after creating a user in the system.

You can send a data update request using this API endpoint after the following:

  1. Receiving webhook "Created" for the required user;
  2. Receiving information about the required user through the АPI endpoint Get user info (you can send repeated requests until you receive confirmation).

It is recommended to send repeated requests at certain intervals (no more often than 1 time per second) and with a certain time limit (f. ex., 30 seconds).

List of standard parameters stored per user:

nameUser name;
languageTwo-letter language code ( e.g. "es");
countryTwo- or three-letter country code (e.g. "esp");
cityCity name;
platform_id0 – Unknown, 1 – Desktop, 2 – Mobile (Mobile Browser + Tablet), 3 – Android App, 4 – iOS App;
genderUser gender: 'm' – male, 'f' – female;
vipUser status: 1 – payer, 0 – non-payer;
list_idUser group identifier.
  • The list of parameters (Body params section) is not exhaustive, you can pass any parameters, but it is important to pass the values of the same parameter in the same format.
  • By default, the VIP parameter has the value “0” (non-payer). Other parameters that have not been provided will remain blank.
  • You can also pass any non-listed parameters, and they will be stored in user fields.
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