Send SMS

API endpoint to send SMS.


Before sending an SMS, you need to create an SMS sender. Please refer to the article Omnichannel Integration for more details.

When using this API endpoint, the user fields listed in the table below are saved in the system and updated when using the same API endpoint in the future:

namеUser name;
genderUser gender: 'm' – male, 'f' – female;
platform_id0 – Unknown, 1 – Desktop, 2 – Mobile (Mobile Browser + Tablet), 3 – Android App, 4 – iOS App;
country_idTwo- or three-letter country code (e.g. "esp");
language_idTwo-letter language code (e.g. "es");
akAuth key - key for user authorization / autologin on the product;
ageUser age;
photoLink to the user's photo;
vipUser status: 1 – payer, 0 – non-payer.


By default, the VIP parameter has the value “0” (non-payer).

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