Check email

API endpoint to validate the user's email address and bring it to the correct and valid format (if possible and necessary). The endpoint does NOT create a new user in the system.

In response, the request returns information about the user's email address:

Response paramsDescription
reasonReason why the email is invalid (only if valid = false);
origOriginal user email;
validEmail validity: true / false;
emailUser email that will be stored;
vendorMailer: AOL, Google,, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Rambler, Apple,, etc.;
domainMailer domain;
trustedtrue / false (this parameter determines whether the vendor of the email address is verified: for example, trusted = true for well-known mailers such as Google,, Outlook, etc. If we do not have information about the vendor of the email address, then the value trusted = false).

Reasons why the email may be invalid:

Reason valueDescription
invalidIncorrect email format;
mx_recordThere is no MX record for the mail domain;
applicationEmail refers to the application (for example,;
systemSystem email (for example, [email protected]);
blacklistedEmail is in the blacklist;
mx_record_blacklistedEmail's MX record is in the blacklist;
mx_ip_blacklistedIP address of the MX record is in the blacklist.


MX record (from a mail exchanger) is a type of DNS record that stores a mail exchange server for a domain and is designed to route email using the SMTP protocol.


For detailed information on the email address validation process, please refer to the Email Validation article.

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