Send system / trigger email

API endpoint to send system / trigger emails.

  • Trigger emails are automatic emails sent to the user in response to some event (trigger) associated with this user. In contrast, system emails are automatic emails that are sent to the user in response to their action. More information can be found in the User Guide.
  • Specify the type of email to be sent through the category parameter, indicating system or trigger respectively.
  • This is the only API endpoint that allows to create a user in the system. The user will be created according to the specified project_id and email and will be unique for each Project (project_id).
  • When creating a user via this API endpoint, the user fields listed in the table below are saved in the system and updated when using the same API endpoint in the future:
namеUser name;
genderUser gender: 'm' – male, 'f' – female;
platform_id0 – Unknown, 1 – Desktop, 2 – Mobile (Mobile Browser + Tablet), 3 – Android App, 4 – iOS App;
country_idTwo- or three-letter country code (e.g. "esp");
language_idTwo-letter language code (e.g. "es");
list_idUser group identifier;
client_user_idUser identifier on the product side;
akAuth key – key for user authorization / autologin on the product;
ageUser age;
photoLink to the user's photo;
channel_idTraffic channel from which the user reached the product (for example, paid search);
subchannel_idTraffic subchannel from which the user reached the product (for example, Facebook);
vipUser status: 1 – payer, 0 – non-payer.
  • If you need to add user fields that are not listed in the table, this can be done using the API endpoints Add and update user data by project id and email and Add and update user data by user_id.
  • The variables passed through the data parameter are dynamic and NOT stored in our system but are only used in this particular email.
  • Before sending emails, you must configure the settings and complete the actions described in Getting Started With Your API.
  • Getting a 200 OK response means that we received your request to send an email, which was processed and validated. To find out the status of email sending, go to the admin panel to the User profile section or use webhooks.
  • When sending an email, the user's email address undergoes a validation process.


For detailed information on the email address validation process, please refer to the Email Validation article.


By default, the VIP parameter has the value “0” (non-payer). Other parameters that have not been provided will remain blan.

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