Get user custom fields by user_id

API endpoint to get general and additional information about the user.

Response structure

Response paramsDescription
project_idProject identifier;
list_idUser group identifier;
emailUser email;
nameUser name;
language_idLanguage identifier;
city_idCity identifier;
vendor_idMailbox identifier;
country_idCountry identifier;
platform_idDevice identifier:
0 – Unknown, 1 – Desktop, 2 – Mobile (Mobile Browser + Tablet), 3 – Android App, 4 – iOS App;
genderUser gender;
confirmUser validity: 1 – email is confirmed, 0 – email is not confirmed;
vipUser status: 1 – payer, 0 – non-payer;
last_onlineDate of the user's last visit;
last_reactionDate of the last user's activity;
last_mailedDate of the last email sent to the user;
created_atDate of the user's creation;
idUser identifier;
registered_atDate of the user's registration on the product;
updated_atDate of the user's update;
custom_fieldsAdditional fields passed on the user via the API endpoint Add and update user data;
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