List of your Campaigns

You can see a list of your campaigns on Marketing campaigns → Recent campaigns page. The page also has search and filters.

On the campaign card you can see:

  1. Method of sending the campaign;
  2. Its status;
  3. Campaign ID;
  4. Name of the campaign;
  5. Segment added to the campaign;
  6. Template added to the campaign;
  7. All email subjects added to the campaign;
  8. Date of campaign creation;
  9. Date of campaign launch;
  10. By clicking on the three dots, you can:
    • view and edit campaigns;
    • copy campaigns;
    • send a test email to the specified email address;
    • view campaign statistics.

You can also view statistics (number of sendings, openings, etc.) on the campaign card.

If the Campaign has any problems with settings or sendings, Error will be displayed next to the Campaign name. You can check the reason for the error by clicking on this mark.