List of your teammates

You can view and edit your teammates in Teammates tab on your Account settings page.

Learn how to add new teammates here.

All teammates assigned to your Client are displayed in the list. All registered active teammates can view this list.

Each teammate has an activity status:

  • Enabled - active teammate
  • Disabled - deactivated teammate
тіммейти, які ще не прийняли запрошення через лист будуть відображатись без імені та прізвища


Teammates who have not yet accepted the invitation to join will be displayed without a first and last name.

It is possible to change the activity status of a teammate at any time by clicking on the three dots next to the selected teammate. Only a user with admin rights can do so.

Also, it is possible to change the permissions of a teammate, as well as configure the settings of several teammates at once, selecting the necessary users from the list:

The page also includes sorting and filtering for each field.