Chart is a graph built according to the parameters you specified.

### Creating a new chart

  1. Go to the **Analytics → Explorer** page and click on **_New chart_**.

  1. In the open modal window, enter a name for the chart in the **_Name_** field and optionally add a description of your chart in the **_Description text_** field. Then click the **_Create_** button.

Please note that the charts you create are accessible only to you. In order for other teammates to access your chart, it needs to be [shared](🔗).

### Building graphs

On the chart page, use metrics, filters, and other options to build the desired graphs.

Metrics represents quantitative indicators.

**_Filters_** allow you to limit metrics by various parameters. **_Separate charts by_** – provides a way to disaggregate metrics by various parameters.

The chart presents real-time information.

  • By default, the chart is built on a daily basis over the last 30 days. You can change the period by clicking on the **_calendar icon_** in the top left corner of the graph. In the opened window, you can select a new period or specify a custom one.

  • The **Compare to past** option automatically builds an additional graph for the same period of the previous year. It is always displayed in gray.

  • The chart settings are located in the top right corner of the graph. Here you can change the chart type, color, etc.

  1. By clicking on the **_three dots_**, you can:

  • **_Save_** – save the changes made to the chart;

  • **_Save as new_** – save the chart as a new one. You will need to enter a name for the new chart;

  • **_Rename_** – change the name of the chart. A window will open where you can enter a new name and description for the chart;

  • **_Delete_** – delete the chart. After deletion, you will be directed to the [page with all of your charts](🔗).

Please note that the charts used in the [<<glossary:dashboard>>](🔗) cannot be deleted.

Remember to save the chart after making changes. To do so, click on _three dots → Save_.